Start Early On Tax Credit Savings!
    You can start making monthly payments NOW through November (miss the Christmas rush) and
    be able to get FULL use of your dollar-for-dollar State Tax Credit!

        WHO may Claim these tax credits?
                   These credits are available only to individuals or couples who pay Arizona state
                   taxes and make cash contributions to a public/charter school and/or private school.

        Can a taxpayer claim both credits in the same taxable year?
                   Yes a taxpayer can claim both the public school tax credit ($200 single to
                   $400married) and private school tax credit.

        Must a taxpayer have a child in school in order to claim one or both of these credits?
                   No. Any Arizona taxpayer can contribute to any school.

        What does your money support when you contribute to a public/charter school?
                   The contributions support extra-curricular activities, field trips, art supplies, etc.

    Make a difference in a young person’s life! Give Today!

    Donations for Midtown Primary School-up to $200 for single or $400 for married.

    Please complete and submit the Tax Credit Form or click the button below to donate via Paypal.
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