Our Philosophy

Our curriculum is geared toward skill mastery for our students.
The reading program is phonics-based. By using a tiny stair-step
approach we can ensure that your child fully understands the
materials being taught before moving onto the next lesson. Our daily
activities are rich in hands-on activities to enhance their learning
experience. Integrated monthly themes encompassing Math, Science,
Literature and Social Studies reinforce their learning with plenty of
practice and practical applications. For example, the Endangered
Species of the World unit includes science, geography, literature,
hands-on centers and a trip to the Zoo.

Our goal is to ensure your child masters the basics (the three R's: "Reading, 'Riting and 'Rithmatic), giving them the self-confidence they
will need to be competent and able students. We are a Charter School offering Kindergarten through 4th grades. When your child
graduates into 5th Grade, you can be secure in the knowledge that Midtown Primary has given them a solid foundation and set them on
the path to success.

                                                          Our teachers come from varied backgrounds including
Montessori                                                                                                     (hands-on, independent learning), as well as experience
teaching young                                                                                          students. Our teachers are available to our families. Teachers
greet                                                                                                  students and parents daily as they arrive for school. Because we are
a                                                                                             very small school, you will be able to develop a bond with all of
your                                                                                                    child's teachers.

                                                          All of the teachers know your child. Multi-aged groupings and
weekly                                                                                                 team meetings to coordinate teaching efforts are our guarantees
that                                                                                              each child's need are met.

We are ungraded, which means that there are no report cards. Students bring home weekly lesson plans detailing their week's work,
current themes and homework assignments. Three conferences per year and four Progress Reports also keep parents informed of
their students' educational development. By removing the pressure of grades, our children experience the joy of learning for the sake of

We make education fun and strive to create a warm, family-oriented campus. The creative activities provided throughout the year
include field trips, holiday activities, Freaky Fridays, family evenings, award ceremonies and theme days. Monthly calendars will keep
you informed. We encourage and welcome all families to participate in these activities.

Our goal is to create competence and self-assurance
within our students. Children who know that they can
apply what they have learned, are confident and secure.
A small campus, low ratios, and loving staff ensure that
this goal becomes a reality every day.